About Us


Welcome to Reflections, the Maker's Market. We are THE platform for unique furniture, art, craft, fashion and home décor created by artisans across India. Not only are we a collector's dream, but also a makers' hub. We are your source of products that are not mass-produced, that have individuality and character and cater to connoisseurs of the same. To India's maker's - Keep doing what you love, MAKE! We’ll handle the tedious marketing, sales and logistics for you, allowing you to spend your time making more cool products. To the folk's who've dropped by - If you're tired of wearing the same clothes and accessories as all your friends, having the same furniture and home décor as all your neighbors, then welcome to Reflections. Our makers market is the perfect place to find products that match your personality and aren't mass-produced. Read about the people behind your favorite purchases and even interact with them when you want something customized.